We work on improving the environment for innovation in Europe. This will benefit all actors: start-ups, scale-ups, entrepreneurs, innovators, researchers, investors and other stakeholders involved in the innovation ecosystem.

 Pact Priorities

 A coherent set of EU policies for innovation

 Re-focusing and aligning EU budgets and investments towards innovation

 Improve Citizens and Investor confidence in Europe

 Paving the way for the next generation researchers, innovators, entrepreneurs

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 Pact Signatories

Signatories of the Pact for Innovation are invited to contribute to the working groups either through physical participation, by commenting to the conversations launched in the relevant Linkedin group or by communication their most important challenge (s. ‘box’ below) below.

  Voluntary financial contribution

Academic organisation, NGO, Foundation, SME, individual: € 500
Trade and sector organisations, other networks, regional/local organisations: € 1.000
Large corporations: € 2.000

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